Steps to Getting Sold

Step 1: Establish a List Price

Pricing a home correctly is Essential. It requires proper interpretation of both statistical analysis and an intuitive instinct of current market conditions.

Your TrueVision, Realtors® Agent will compose for you a Comparative Market Analysis that will explain the marketability of your home and will work With you in determining the perfect List Price.

Step 2: Complete all paperwork

To ensure that your listing is properly marketed it is necessary that all documents including the Seller’s Disclosure and Utility forms are completed before going live. This will prove to buyers that you are a prepared committed seller and may optimize the potential of your sale.

Step 3: Make it a CRISP Home
Make a Great First Impression!

Homes sell faster and for more money when they are prepared properly. TrueVision, Realtors® has adopted the CRISP method to make it easier for your planning!

Step 4: Photography

These days most buyers are doing their shopping online. Professional photography is imperative to marketing your home. We offer professional, high quality photography that presents your home in the best possible light online and in print, assuring the looks you get are Noticed!

Step 5: Promoting your home

Marketing today involves the need to reach buyers in all ages ranges with various abilities to collect information. An online presence is crucial, and we at TrueVision, Realtors® are affiliated with multiple National and Localized web based sites that guarantee your homes optimum viewing potential. Yet our grass roots direct mailings to specifically determined geographical areas offer a tangible element making sure those without online access can still see your home.

Step 6: Negotiate the Contract

This is where our experience and knowledge shows the best. TrueVision, Agents work FOR YOU making sure that you are represented fully from beginning to end ensuring a smooth hassle free transaction with the focus being on protecting you from mis-guided buyers.

Step 7 and 8: Inspections and Negotiate Reply to Inspections

We will walk you through the inspections report and provide expertise guidance in regards to necessary and unnecessary requested repairs.

Step 9: Settlement

Your TrueVision, Realtors® agent will remain by your side till the very end. Settlement day can be full of mixed emotions. We will be there by your side to explain any concerns that may occur at the table, and most of all, be there to comfort and support you throughout the entire process!


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